Arifin Putra was born Putra Arifin Scheunemann on May 1st, 1987, in Mainz, Germany, before moving to Jakarta, Indonesia at the tender age of 3. His father, Axel Werner Andreas Scheunemann, was a gardener turned exporter of dried flowers and landscaping expert in Jakarta, Indonesia. His mother, Joyce Sunandar, was a housewife turned catering business entrepreneur.

From a very young age Arifin already showed signs of interest in the acting world, playing out scenes from movies he had seen on television and putting on shows for his mother and sister. But his parents’ divorce took a toll on young Arifin and made him into a shy and reclusive person.

He continued to love acting and played in a number of plays at the German International School he attended in Indonesia. His sister Sari played a big role in bringing Arifin’s charm and happier personality back on track, just in time for a cover boy competition held by a well-known teen magazine in 2000 and a music program host competition famously known as MTV VJ Hunt, in 2003.

He met his manager in 2001 and even though Arifin didn’t win both the cover boy nore the VJ Hunt competition, job offers kept on pouring in.

His big break came in 2004 through a national TV series dubbed "Kisah Kasih di Sekolah" (High School Love Story). His sudden fame took him to enroll in a professional acting class at Sakti Aktor Studio, famous for its local stars almamaters. At Sakti Aktor Studio Arifin found home. He honed his skills for 1,5 years, performing plays primarily in English, while acting in Bahasa Indonesia on screen.

After a 7 year TV career young Arifin had his film debut in ‘Lost In Love’ (2008). A romantic comedy where he played Alex, a love interest whose nationality is a mystery. In this movie Arifin was required to speak French, English and Indonesian fluently, which came easy to Arifin for he studied all mentioned languages for many years at school.

In his second movie, Macabre (2009), Arifin played the role of Adam, a psychopathic cold-blooded killer and canibal. He caught the attention of avid moviegoers and film critics. He was awarded with several prestigious nominations and awards for the role.

A choosy actor when it comes to movies, Arifin always wants to challenge himself and step out of his comfort zone with every role he takes on. His movie ‘The Raid 2: Berandal’ (2014) is proof of that. Arifin was first offered the role back in 2009, but due to financing issues the movie was delayed and he had to wait until 2012 for the movie to start production and finally make its way to cinemas in 2014. His role as an over-ambitious son to Jakarta’s most notorious mob boss has caught the attention of movie fans and critics alike. Arifin won the IMA and Piala Maya Awards in the category of Best Supporting Role, respectively, for his portrayal of Uco.

Since then Arifin has played in various movies like ‘Negeri Van Oranje’ (2015), ‘Sabtu Bersama Bapak’ (2016) and ‘The Professionals’ (late 2016). He also collaborated with HBO Asia on its first original TV Series dubbed ‘Halfworlds’ and in 2017 Arifin will reprise his role as Barata in Season 2. The show aired in 26 countries all across the Asia Pacific region.

Off-screen Arifin is an avid reader who also watches movies every chance he gets and loves water sports. His dream is to one day become a renowned film producer, putting Indonesia’s movie industry on par with other global players.

2016 The Professionals (Coming December 2016) Directed by Affandi Abdul Rachman, by MNC Pictures Starring as Reza (Supporting Actor)

2016 Sabtu Bersama Bapak Directed by Monty tiwa, by Maxima Pictures Starring as Satya (Supporting Actor)

2015 Negeri Van Oranje Directed by Endri Pelita, by Falcon Pictures Starring as Banjar (Supporting Actor)

2014 Supernova Directed by Rizal Mantovani, by Soraya Intercine Films Starring as Reuben (Supporting Actor)

2014 The Raid 2: Berandal Directed by Gareth Evans, by Merantau Films Starring as Uco (Supporting Actor) 

2014 Yasmine: The Final Fist  Directed by Siti Kamaluddin, By Origin Films Starring as Halim (Cameo)

2011 Badai Di Ujung Negeri  Directed by Agung Sentausa, by Quanta Pictures Starring as Badai (Main Actor)

2011 Batas  Directed by Rudi Soedjarwo, by Keana Production Starring as Arief (Supporting Actor)

2010 Rumah Dara  Directed by the Mo Brothers, by Nation Pictures Starring as Adam (Supporting Actor)

2008 Lost in Love  Directed by Rachmania Arunita, by Itrema Creative Development Starring as Alex (Supporting Actor)

2016 Halfworlds  - Staring as Barata, Kinema, HBO Asia

2013 Aprilio & Julie  - Starring as Jodi, Sinemart Pictures, RCTI

2012 Dewa - Starring as Yudha, Sinemart Pictures, RCTI

2009 Setinggi Bintang - Starring as Andhika, Multivision Plus, Astro Aruna Malaysia

2006 Kau Masih Kekasihku  - Starring as Kevin, Sinemart Pictures, SCTV

2004 Kisah Kasih di Sekolah - Starring as Daniel, Sinemart Pictures, SCTV

2003 Senandung Masa Puber  - Starring as Rudi, Multivision Plus, Trans TV

2013 Blue Blood  - Starring as Asep (Main Actor), Directed by Billy Christian

2011 Foxtrot 6 - Starring as Nidas (Supporting Actor), Directed by Randy Korompis

2009 Aku Perempuan - Starring as Marwan (Supporting Actor), Directed by Robby Ertanto Soediskam


2011 Bersabarlah Cinta - By Letto, Main Talent

2004 Kisah Kasih Di Sekolah  - By Chrisye, Main Talent


2016 Pond’s Men - BA

2016 Axe Gold  - BA

2016 Coca Cola - BA

2016 Neozep Forte - BA

2015 Samsung S6 - KOL

2005 Mass Appeal by Bill C. Davis, Sakti Aktor Studio, Starring as Mark Dolson

2005 Lone Star  by James Mclure, Sakti Aktor Studio, Starring as Ray

2015 Piala Maya - Best Supporting Actor for The Raid 2

2015 IMA - Best Supporting Actor for The Raid 2

2011 Kaskus Award (Kufi) - for Best Supporting Actor in Rumah Dara

2005 Gadis Magazine Award 2005 - Most Wanted

2003 Finalist of MTV Indonesia VJ Hunt 2003  - Finalist

2000 Finalist Aneka Magazine Coverboy 2000  - Finalist